We are glad you are here for our Cutting Edge Newsletter's first edition. What a roller coaster ride the last 5 plus years has been for me, my family, and Nicholas Nichols Knives. A passing fancy with metal led to some really ugly railroad spike knives that only my wife thought were interesting and turned into what you are seeing now on Facebook, Instagram, History Channel’s Forged in Fire, our local North Brunswick magazine, and now Our State Magazine. My plan is to post a newsletter every month or so. Within these newsletters, I am going to offer our subscribers the first chance to purchase Nicholas Nichols Knives.

Speaking of which, this is what we currently have in stock:

  • 12 Battleship Teak Large Chef Knives: 

    • The style that won Our State Magazine’s 2020 Made in NC Award. The blade is 8" long and made from Nitro V stainless steel, finished with reclaimed teak from the deck of the USS North Carolina in Wilmington, NC. The teak decking was replaced in the mid-’90s and has been under the care of a non-profit organization that runs the ship. This reclaimed wood was processed into blocks and has been stabilized, a process that protects and preserves the wood before it is carefully crafted into the knife’s handles. If you are interested in one of these, they are $450 shipped via UPS.​

  • A stunning Nitro V stainless steel blade with Black Walnut handles.

    • This black walnut came from my uncle’s farm in West Virginia, just outside of Charleston. As knife makers we know how a natural handle material is to look or finish until we are done. You can see signs and hinds of what is to come, but I didn’t expect this particular knife finish up this magnificent. This knife is also $300 shipped via ups.


A fan favorite that will be back in stock soon is the Maker’s Large Chefs knife. The knife has the same Nitro V stainless steel 8-inch blade, but it’s handle scales are made from part of a Maker’s Mark bourbon barrel that I bought last spring from an antique store. It was told to me by the store owner that the gentleman who owned this barrel had it since the 1970s. This information was confirmed by the Maker’s Mark company when I reached out looking for more info. Up until last fall, Maker’s Mark didn’t make these barrels available to the public, now we know that some found homes. This mid-western white oak has also been stabilized, dyed and slightly charred hand-sanded before being coated with wood oil. This knife is $375 shipped to your door.

All of these knives except the Maker's knife are currently available for purchase by email, nan981@gmail.com or by direct message on Facebook or Instagram. We working on trying to get our online store setup for future newsletter releases, but until then we accept PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay or the Cash app. Invoicing is available if needed.

Well I guess that’s it. First Newsletter in the books. Again thank you all for subscribing and your support. It means more than you will ever know.

Nic (And his wife who does the newsletters!)


  • A beautiful butterscotch-colored, textalite micarta-handled large chef's knife with copper fasteners.

    • Features the same Nitro V stainless steel. Textalite is used in the power industry for it’s amazing strength and durability, It didn’t take long for knife makers to begin us it for those same reasons. The Textalite chef is available for $300.​